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Kitchen Cabinet Design For Small House

MyKitchen - For small kitchens, swinging door kitchen cabinet can become a problem-if you forget to close them, it can be frustrating to hit his head. They are abandoned in favour of a sliding-they are more original and functional. Here is few tips to consider when designing your kitchen cabinet design for small house.

One of the exits for small kitchens — the narrow door
very small kitchen design

The second and perhaps best option is to use sliding doors
upper corner kitchen cabinet storage solutions

You can opt out from door-in kitchens, decorated in a contemporary style, preference is given to precisely open cabinets. The advantage of the open lockers-your tableware can act as a primary decorative details. Not necessarily the doors were opaque. If you have a beautiful set, why hide it behind the wooden (plastic) door. Place the glass door-they will add space in the kitchen

Using the backlight will be an added advantage when using glass doors. If only one window in the kitchen, the glass door add light. Properly located, the backlight will create the atmosphere of coziness and calmness.

Choosing wall cabinets in the kitchen, consider the color of the kitchen set, which will have an impact not only on your mood, and the kitchen-even and appetite. Warm colors (Orange, yellow, red) awaken an appetite, cold (bright blue)-on the contrary, it suppresses. It is important for small kitchen design should be selected furniture (cabinets) light colors-lemon, cream, light pink. So you can add light in the kitchen and a little visually enlarge.
wall cabinet for small kitchen

Grey-blue color well balances the impression of abundance of kitchen utensils in the locker. Game of colors will always keep your mood elevated. The storage system will help you easily and efficiently use space inside the lockers.

It is important to correctly determine the "filling" of lockers. First of all it is a different storage system placed inside. These may be metal corner designs (place pan and volume pot), "Carousel" type system (it stores small kitchen utensils), pull-out bins, dryers for tableware, decorations, dividers, differentiating the volume box of the cell. Complex storage systems help make food storage and kitchen utensils in perfect order, providing quick and easy access to them. But with the cost of "toppings" can reach the cost of the Cabinet.
kitchen storage ideas for small kitchens

Properly organized storage system will provide you with lots of spices at arm's length. Some storage systems can surpass all expectations

Corner Cabinet in the kitchen: Optimizing space

For small kitchen corner layout kitchen set is the most optimal, the location of the most ergonomic, efficient and comfortable. In addition, angle, it frees up more space for a dining area. When the g-shaped layout of the corner Cabinet is the roomy around the headset: despite the large capacity, corner Cabinet visually looks very modestly quickly without cluttering and not suppressing the space.
corner kitchen cabinet for small space

Traditionally, corner Cabinet have close to washing and working area that allows comfortable and convenient for the hostess to host a large number of frequently used kitchen utensils. Installing the high corner of the closet to hide shortcomings (e.g., rough corner or wall) kitchen space.

Corner cabinet may not necessarily be used for storing kitchen utensils-it is also a very convenient place to set the tv in the kitchen. A cabinet with open shelves will diversify the kitchen design, selecting photos, statuettes and other lovely and cute little things, that will add kitchen home.
kitchen corner wall cabinet ideas

When l-placing kitchen set corner Cabinet makes it look complete and harmonious, creating a single continuous structure that makes the perception of space in General, more harmonious.

Quite rare to come across a one-piece (floor to ceiling) corner Cabinet is not very convenient, and the Cabinet turns out quite cumbersome. More often his "break" into two parts-the floor and mounted.

Often standing corner Cabinet fit under the sink, much less under the Hob. This location does not justify itself-instead a capacious cupboard is necessary to install the hood. On the one hand, the choice of angle models of hoods is fairly limited, on the other hand, angular space turns out to be employed inefficiently.

Wall cabinets fix on the wall, this may be as a full cabinet (with gull-wing doors) and with open regiments (in this case Cabinet more bears a decorative function). All these things become very important prior to the installation of the new cabinets. Hopefully all the above tips could be helpful for you to design your kitchen cabinet for your small house.

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