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Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Kitchens on a Budget

Mykitchen - Save money on kitchen redesign, using only paint, new pens, decor for kitchen cabinet doors, bright colors and your imagination. Here tips for Kitchen Design Ideas For Small Kitchens on a Budget to help you decide on the updated kitchen

If you have a kitchen already nenovaja with their errors, add some bright accents, which "distract" the eyes themselves guests. This tip applies only if the color neutral kitchen cabinets.

Accents Kitchen design ideas on a budget
Open shelves
Open shelves give kitchen a lighter look. In this case, the attention of the stops on that stands on a shelf than on the shelves themselves. Add bright jars, Cookware, flowers — and they will be closed down for a long time is the old shelves.
building an outdoor kitchen on a budget
The best defense is attack. If you are unable to replace any kitchen cabinet or drawers — make it a focus of its cuisine, its surface having painted in bright calling color! Please note that the photo red found in more detail and in harmony with the dark wooden surface.
color for small kitchen ideas
Board briefs
Buy paint to simulate the surface of "Blackboard" and paint its surface doors kitchen cabinet. On this board you can capture menus or shopping lists.

outdoor kitchen ideas on a budget
White top, black bottom-turns out, it's a combination applies to kitchen surfaces. Paint the top line cabinets in white, and the lower is black. Must be the third color that will appear in both lines and combine them into a song that way.

how to build an outdoor kitchen on a budget
Order within
Sometimes the desire to change kitchen cabinet is due only to the fact that it eternal chaos. Use our tips for cleaning kitchen bedside tables boxes — and they seem to you better.

how to make an outdoor kitchen on a budget
Bright blue
Glass doors give a splendid view of the kitchen cabinets. To update such a closet, the back panel can be painted in bright colors (e.g. blue) and support the other color.

diy budget outdoor kitchen
The fewer, the better
Removing the doors of several top-level cabinets you visually make the kitchen more. Paint the interior surfaces of an open Cabinet in dark color, further deepening this effect.

country kitchen designs on a budget
For a small upgrade of kitchen furniture, replace the traditional wooden handles in tubular fashion.

small kitchen design ideas budget
If your closet has no doors, but you still want to hide from the eyes of an unattractive utensils or pans — hang the blinds. They not only will close several offices from prying eyes, but also allow you to easily get to the right things.

small kitchen design ideas on a budget
Aged effect
If the edges fade paint on the cupboard — don't worry! Many designers achieve this effect specifically to give furniture vintage look in the style of Provence. All you need is to exacerbate the effect of wear, make it look organic.

small kitchen decorating ideas on a budget
Shining white
White color for kitchen surfaces now in vogue. In addition to cabinets, apply white on textiles, curtains. And here in this kitchen walls can be painted in a darker tone, then white is even more radiant.

design a small kitchen on budget
Elegant reincarnation
Blue and gray shades are perfect smoothing effects, which could not be more apropos choice for furniture with scratches and scuffed, that you want to hide.

small kitchen makeovers on a budget
Modern reincarnation

Kitchen cabinets radically converted by using the trendy orange. In conjunction with this darker Orange doesn't look geeky or childish.

small kitchen on a budget
Rustic style
This is one example how you can successfully combine a few tips: using bright hues and decorative aging of furniture.

rustic kitchen design ideas

The combination of different shades and wood with paint of different colors successfully if scatter small shades. For example, we see the transition from white to mustard color.

Vintage is in fashion not only clothing, but also in the Interior. Do not rush to call your old furniture, but treat it as a vintage find! For this it is worth just repaint it in fresh color and replace the handle.

vintage small kitchen ideas
Frosted glass

If you like the idea with glass door on the kitchen cabinet, but you are not sure that you can all the time to maintain cleanliness and order on open shelves? Then you will have a solution using opaque glass. It is also visually makes the Interior roomier and easier to hide with this disorder on the shelves.

small kitchen ideas on a budget
Molding can turn an ordinary wardrobe into a small masterpiece. Paint it in accent color and attach the special glue to the door of the Cabinet.

decorative molding kitchen cabinet
Intense red
Several layers of stain can give kitchen furniture a new look! After painting it will be even more profound and intense.

kitchen furniture new look
Patterns on wood
A small wooden plate with curly edges on the top shelf sets the tone for the entire kitchen in this photo. It viewed ethnic motifs and rustic style, which make this kitchen is very warm and cosy.

wood pattern for best small kitchen
If you want to refresh the view of the island-obejte his strips, creating a relief surface.

small kitchen design on budget
Hot mix
Yellow and Red refer to cereal warm shades, and their combination of amazing way transform the Interior. Paint the walls red, and yellow surfaces of kitchen furniture and your kitchen will become much "warmer".

Hot mix kitchen interior
In a conspicuous place
Dressers for modern kitchens are increasingly a thing of the past. But if you honor tradition — give the top line kitchen sideboards under accommodation. Behind the glass, you can store sets, porcelain, glasses.

small modern kitchen design
Cottage charm
If the surface of the kitchen cabinets is a cool, white countertop is very impractical. Benefit of the combination of dark countertops and white surfaces look very stylish.

best surface kitchen cabinets
Heavy metal

Looking for a modern and a little bit of urban design for your kitchen? Cover the surface of the kitchen cabinets metal paint-this will give the desired look of your kitchen.

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